Americans drink over a billion pounds of coffee every year and around five million bottles of soda


Over 7,500 foods registered
A wealth of information at your finger tips, neatly organized by group, manufacturer or nutrient.
Visualize what you are eating
Figuring out food labels is not for everyone, but simply seeing what you are eating can be surprising to all of us:
Batteries Sugar Butter
Detailed nutrient information
Ranging from the usual information about sugar, fat and carbohydrate all the way up to detailed information about lesser known nutrients (potassium, beta-sitosterol, essential vs. non-essential amino acids, ...)
Food ringschart
Extensive activities & exercises
Had a nice meal? Then have a look what you can do to burn the calories you have just gained. Of course, sports are listed, but non-sport activities such as child care are listed as well.
Jogging 28 minutes
Pushing or pulling stroller with child 1 hour, 19 minutes