Americans drink over a billion pounds of coffee every year and around five million bottles of soda

HEALTHY CHOICE Chicken Enchilada Suprema in Green Chili Sauce, Mexican Style Rice, Corn Medley, frozen meal
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Energy Sugar Fat
14.0 size D batteries 0.5 sugar cubes 0.1 butter sticks

A serving of 320.0g contains 352kcal, representing ± 14.0 batteries*.

A aged requires 2700kcal (107.3 batteries*) a day.

* size D, 1.5V, 19500mAh

A serving of 320.0g contains 2.34g sugars, which is comparable to ± 0.5 sugar cubes.

A serving of 320.0g contains 7.84g fat, which is comparable to ± 0.1 butter sticks.